Friday, April 30, 2010

Whole Foods Challenge

Today is the day before I start the 30 day Whole Foods Challenge with the Happy Herbivore crew. I'm both excited and extremely nervous. I've never done anything like this. I embraced vegetarianism with all my heart and haven't looked back. I want to be able to complete the challenge but I'm so anxious about finding myself in a bind and just cooking with olive oil.

(photo courtesy of Happy Herbivore)

Just to explain (not that anyone is even really reading this yet), I'm participating in a challenge via where I will eat only WHOLE, UNPROCESSED foods for the entire month of May. As a vegetarian (newly turned vegan), I think I'm going to find it quite difficult to not eat veggie burgers and tofu - - but I think this will be a true test of my discipline and I'm eager to see how my body will react to it.
  • Will my cholesterol go down?
  • Will I have lots of energy?
  • Will I sleep better?
  • Will I lose weight?
  • Will my body just FEEL better, move better, with how well I'm treating it? I sure hope so.

I think I'm going to plan out this week's lunch and dinner recipes right now, just so I have some kind of plan.

I also need to plan going to the gym, starting doing yoga again, and MAYBE buying a bike to ride around.

Until tomorrow :)

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