Friday, May 7, 2010

Recap for Whole Foods Challenge first week

I started the challenge last Saturday and have worked every single day since (and the whole damn week before), so I'm not sure if my new diet is affecting how I sleep, or the fact that I'm exhausted from work. Hopefully it's the diet, because I'm sleeping more deeply than I really ever have before.

This week has been the Week of Smoothies for me. MAN ARE THEY GOOD (with the exception of one failure. Stupid bits of unblended spinach..)! I've found that just freezing cut up banana works wonderfully and now I'm freezing every banana I buy! Woot!!

I've experimented with a few recipes, and really like the following:

Cherry Chocolate Smoothie
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 banana
a handful of frozen cherries
1 tbsp ground flax
1 tbsp cocoa powder
2 handfuls of baby spinach

Cashew Chocolate Banana
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
1 tbsp cashew butter
1 frozen banana
1 tbsp ground flax
1 tbsp cocoa powder

Neapolitan See

Green Monster (mostly adapted from the Oh She Glows blog)
1 cup unsweetened almond milk
2 handfuls of baby spinach
1 tbsp ground flax

I could not BELIEVE how delicious the Green Monster smoothie was. I was really hesitant to not add my usual cocoa powder or at least some strawberries, but voila - - it was fantastic. I really think I'm going to continue with smoothies for breakfast after the challenge is over. It's a great way to get veggies and fruits in and it's much more portable ( aka drinking it on the way to work) than a bowl of cereal. I'll save the cereal for the mornings when I have to open the library at 7:30am, because I'm sure my landlady doesn't appreciate hearing my blender at 7am.

The last 2 days of the challenge have been pretty good - - I've been happy with my meals. On Wednesday I made my own Thai-style sauce and it was great. I blended:

2 roasted red peppers
1/2 cup (I think. I don't think it was a full cup) of coconut milk
Lots of dashes of garam masala and curry powder
1 tbsp cashew butter

I put the sauce over pan friend eggplant and onions, then put it all on a bed of quinoa. You definitely do not have to fry veggies in oil!! I was so concerned about this (how I LOVE my EVOO), but water worked just fine. It needed something else, though. I think more veggies and also some fresh garlic in the sauce. And maybe a little kick - - cayenne? chili pepper? curry paste? I will experiment...I bought 3 JARS yesterday of roasted red peppers in water. And still have leftover coconut milk that I don't want to go to waste.

My meal of the week, though, was the salad I made for dinner yesterday and lunch today. It consisted of:

Hearts of romaine
1/2 avocado
fresh salsa
spiced black beans + corn warmed up (added chili, onion, garlic, cayenne, paprika and a few dashes of liquid smoke)

It was so damn good I almost died. So I had it again today for lunch <3

I had my smoothie at about 9am today, and by 11 my stomach was starting to knot up in hunger. What can I add? Perhaps some oats or something?

I'm truly realizing how, even though I was vegetarian, I was eating a LOT of crappy food. This turn to veganism plus the challenge is showing me that I can eat wholesome foods and not be missing out on anything (though I do miss tofu. And bread products). I used to bring processed veggie burgers in for lunch all the time. All I have to do is make sure that I make enough for dinner the night before, then use leftovers.

This challenge is also forcing me to plan things better, to get my food ready the night before so I'm not scrambling in the morning for something (like I did on Saturday). I will be weighing myself every Saturday to keep track of my weight loss since beginning the challenge (so far it's at 2 lbs, which brings me down 10 since my surgery in February).

I MUST make the effort to MOVE MORE. I must go on walks and do cardio at the gym! Must must must.

Now, what to make for dinner tonight...

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